To be the best athlete we need to be strong, stable and have the best range of motion in our sport-specific movements. This class will build on these foundations as we primarily focus on the runner, cyclist and swimmer.

Thursday at 5:30 PM

Friday at 6:00 AM

Movement Conditioning

Movement Conditioning classes reconstruct the athlete, developing fundamental balance, strength, and flexibility across key muscle groups. FMS assessments are available to identify your personal needs.

Sign up for one of these times and let us help you get to your start line healthy and running strong!

Tuesday at 5:30 PM

Thursday at 6:00 AM

Yoga for Athletes

Held multiple times weekly, yoga classes are specifically designed by the instructor for beginners and more advanced yogis who require flexibility, recovery, and a modest amount of strength work in their routine.

Saturday at 1:00pm.


With multiple daily class times and multiple instructors, no TRX workout is ever the same. TRX helps athletes develop upper-body, trunk-core, and leg strength and power, using their own body weight

Monday 5:30 PM

Wednesday 7 AM and 9:45 AM

Saturday 11:00 AM


Conducted in a circuit class format or in a small groups, Squat Club is focused on developing strength and power across our sport specific movement patterns.

Saturday 10:00 AM


HIIT uses timed intervals of work and rest focusing on cardio, strength, balance and core. The music is loud and you will work HARD!

Wednesday 5:30 PM



High intensity interval training on and off the bike sets this class apart from your average Computrainer class. After a warm up time on the bike, look forward to hard interval efforts on the bike followed by strength, core, stability exercises off the bike. Your HR will sore and your muscles will thank you later.

Sunday 10:00 AM