An excellent candidate for Phoenix Prime is an athlete who would like greater involvement from a coach in moving to the next level or breaking through a barrier. Often times, the athlete who is interested in this additional coaching on an individual level is looking for a more structured training plan towards an “A” race or some one who would like additional technique in one or more sports. A wide range of athletes will sign up for the Phoenix Prime level as having a high placing at a race has nothing to do with the desire to improve and the determination to progress beyond their current level.

This coaching level has all-inclusive access: In addition to 2 hours of face time with a Coach, which can be used for testing, planning, development swim or exercise coaching, your workouts are posted in Training Peaks. You will also have ongoing Functional Movement screenings and corrective exercises if necessary. You will have access to the Phoenix Training Group, Unlimited Group Exercise, 1 free Computrainer class per week, and access to ride the Computrainers outside of class time on your own.

Limited to 10 athletes.