Phoenix Fitness and Training is searching for people interested in racing and riding with Phoenix Fitness and Training in 2018.  All ability and fitness levels are welcome.  The only requirement is that you love to ride your bike.  Even though we have open membership, we are looking to build the competitive side to our men’s and women’s race team for 2018.

The current cycling team membership is made up of Category 3 and 4 level racers and Masters racers.  In 2017, the team targeted events, Indy Crit, Mass Ave Crit and other local events including racing at the Major Taylor Velodrome.  The team also has interest in attending races at the Intelligentsia Cup in Chicago, the Gateway Cup in St. Louis and the Hyde Park Crit in Cincinnati.

There are three requirements to become a Full member of the Phoenix Cycling Team:

  • Pay an annual membership fee of $100
  • Purchase any desired Team Kit items at either the Winter or Spring order
  • be willing to help out/volunteer at at least one community event.

With Full membership, there are a number of benefits:

  • Access to expert mentors, race strategy development and guided training advice
  • Structured team training practices and opportunities
  • Access t0 all CompuTrainer workouts at 50% off

Greg MAC

U25 Racing Program

If you have not yet reached your 25th birthday, you are eligible for the Team Phoenix U25 Racing Program.  To support riders efforts to grow into the sport, Phoenix Fitness and Training is waiving the $100 membership fee and providing one free Team Phoenix racing skinsuit for Cat 3 riders and above.

Additionally, if you are still enrolled in college or high school, all classes over Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer breaks are also free.

Team Phoenix Rosters

USAC Licensed Racers

Women: Ariel Coy, Eva Cheung, Andrea Eberbach, Charlotte Kumler, Katie Lee, Britta Miller, Gabe Naile, Mindy Nicolet, Ali Oppel, Britton Park, Cheryl Parrott, Chelsea Patterson, Heather Robinson, Michaela Ranft, Katy Salm, Mallory Schaffer

Cat 4/5: Joe Blommel,  Nick Butler, Josh DeJong, Patrick Flanagan, Justin Floyd, Alex Griffis, J Haxton, Andrew Krahulik, Scott Linton, Brian Matthews, Dakota Mitchell, Alex Nunn, Justin Ratliff, Ryan Reid, David Scovel, Cody Thomas, Eliot Toumey, Luke Tormoehlen, Travis, Verhoff, Nathan Villager, Jaron Walling, John Yoder

Cat 3: Abel Bararra, Will Coleman

Masters: Greg Faris, Brian Friend, Don, Gary, Josh Ginsburg, Greg Hillman, Andy, McLaughlin, Doug Robinson, Timm Schlegal, Oliver Shepherd, Patrick Shirmeyer, Cary Smith, Mike Yost

Gran Fondo and Club Riders

Women: Eva Cheung, Andrea Eberbach

Patrick Flanagan, David Scovel, Greg Faris, Don, Gary, Oliver Shepherd, Mike Yost

Team Phoenix Guidelines 2018

Team Phoenix Information Form